About us and FAQ

Sundae is an online marketplace for consumer software. We offer essential software from the world’s leading vendors. We also offer data from our major mobile operators. Delivery is virtual.


How do I login?

If you’re registered, you can login with your unique username and password.


How do I pay?

Secure payment can be made by EFT or credit card with Paygate at the time of your order.


How do I receive my products?

Products are emailed to you directly.


What form do my products take?

Product keys and download links are provided. You can download and activate a product from a vendor’s site. Mobile products like data and airtime are credited directly to the account of the number provided at time of purchase.


Can I return products?

Unfortunately not. Once a product key is provided, the product’s ‘packaging’ has been opened and it cannot be returned.


If I need support, where do I go?

Contact us directly at